Intelligent Process Mining for Remote Employees

Empowering employees during remote working to improve work-life integration, creativity, productivity, and collaboration.

Work-From-Home or Remote working may end up being the new normal beyond COVID19. The benefits include employee well-being, better work-life balance, environment, and employee retention. However, these benefits will only thrive if companies are able to carry out the policy comprehensively, particularly in the post-pandemic era.

Process mining, task analysis and automation opportunities are game changers in the current situation and can lead to long-term sustainability and optimization. A starting point to position for future success in this area, is to understand the employee activities or tasks at a deeper level to better enable them and remove hurdles. This information is largely missing in enterprises. Deploying such tools to measure qualitative and quantitative data points benefits both employers and employees alike.

Some of the Issues Confronted

  • Increasingly intertwined workflow practices with punitive mindset
  • Conflict of incentives between workers’ efforts and employers’ objectives to maintain the information advantage
  • Inability to shape or contribute to data-driven metrics for enhancing process improvements
  • Inability leverage claims to derive insights about employees' productivity
  • Inefficiency in choosing data causing consequences of how work is valued and compensated and,  how performance is evaluated.
  • Insights are tactical with no motive for process improvements.

vInsights is one such platform wrapped with analytics and insights services. vInsights-Agent assists your employees during remote working to measure and quantify work-life integration and improve creativity, productivity, and collaboration.

Productivity Improvement & Measurement

  • As an assisting-agent, vInsights adds value for both employees and managers/supervisors by means of working as a 'virtual assistant' alongside your remote employee.
  • Intuitively senses the help needed by the remote employees and suggests solutions as insights.
  • Analyze and measure the effectiveness and focus on productivity with insightful charts for individuals, teams and the entire organization.


  • Automated capturing of screenshots with defined intervals giving you access to particular employee activity information is customizable.

Browser Tracking

  • Observe every record of the browser an employee surfs and record every single activity including website addresses, web page titles and number of views of a web page viewed and visited.

Peer Deputation

  • Designate team managers to access and analyze employee/teams data


Stealth Mode:

vInsights is completely unseen to an employee empowering them to be more productive without being distracted.


  • Each and every keystroke hit by your employee is recorded and logged. View what was typed to search for and in which application program it was typed.
  • Logging keystrokes help in gaining insights on the typing pattern to ascertain the often words used to access a process or flow.

Employee Logs:

  • Gain detailed insights of your employee’s sessions (log in and log out) along with their productive and non-productive hours logged at one place.
  • Briefly, every information is captured and graphically presented to make meaningful insights for process improvements.

Insightful Metrics

  • Insightful metrics in one single place rendering each employee activity information in the form of instinctive graphs and charts.
  • Highly configurable  & customizable based on enterprise analysis needs, HR guidelines, Privacy and security policies.


Problem Solution for Employees

vInsights offers employees achieve following benefits:

Focused Objectives

  • By eliminating or minimizing the barriers with efficient solutions, distraction can be avoided, and employees can stay focused and be productive. The analysis can also help with prioritization.

Improve Creativity

  • The insights help the managers and supervisors to identify the pain points and analyze on overcoming those with solutions to bring improvement and creativity in processes.

Improve Productivity

  • Empower employees with tools to deliver tasks in a timely manner and with greater accuracy and deliver continuous process improvement for better customer satisfaction.

Improve Collaboration

  • With the imitation learning of the assisting-agents, the repetitive processes are improved which help the employees to efficiently collaborate with the customers and within the organization with cross-functional teams.

Work-Life Integration

  • Help in assisting remote employees to be efficient by allowing them to meet the process SLAs and incentivizing on the client-collaboration and adapt the organizational dynamics by re-structuring work-processes to refocus on everyone’s efforts towards the company's objectives and visions


Problem Solution for Employers

vInsights offers employers achieve following goals:

Identifying Opportunities for Process Automation

  • Understanding the activities of the remote employee in each process leading to potential automation and assist employees to be more productive.
  • Process dataflow to help in generating insights for decision making and process improvement.
  • Help locate the user's availability and network connectivity to ensure their engagement is not hindered.

Identifying Productive versus Unproductive Times

  • Identify the usage of the applications and the time spent in each of the defined processes.
  • Identify the usage pattern of the applications and its repeatability.
  • Identify  the session-duration and screen sharing during the customer engagement.
  • Relay the frequency of the idle time to bring in ways to analyze creative
  • engagement
  • Enable integration with PES and other related enterprise systems

Insights for Decision Making

  • Meaningful insights are made available for the manager/supervisors on the meeting sessions to analyze the pain points and develop creative processes to bring productivity while working remotely.
  • Identify variances in the processes to analyze the best way possible to optimize the process for better productivity.

vInsights helps companies embrace automation technology to reduce operational expenses and expand the opportunities for employees to bring more value to the table. vInsights-agent models are highly scalable to digitize work- processes, orchestrate the entire ecosystem, and deploy agents to execute your process automation and deriving employee productivity.

Empower Your Employee Productivity Remotely with Process Improvement through vInsights.