Content Search - Intelligent Agent

Get round-the-clock access to information with content search Intelligent Agent

About CS-Intelligent Agent

Why Enterprises need vReImagine’s AI Enabled Content Search Intelligent Agent?

Every organization has lot of suppliers, customers, vendors and internal stakeholders, who, at any time, may need documents and information related to products and services. The help-desk staff many a times fail to provide information quickly, accurately, and promptly to the end user. This is why enterprises need vReimagine’s an AI-powered content search IDW.

vReImagine can provide a host of services to users like product information, sales support, instant Q&A, personalized recommendations and more. Support can be extended quickly with such contextual information provided by an Intelligent Agent.

  • Refer to Regulatory Guidelines on the Go
    • Our content search bot can search and identify any regulatory compliance documents you’re looking for with reference to your organization.
  • Get your HR Policy Document anywhere
    • Our content search Intelligent Agent can help you pull out your organization’s HR Policy documents anytime and anywhere.
  • Product Manuals
    • Our content search bots can help you pull Product Manuals of Manufacturing companies (Medical, Pharma, Life Sciences, Retail and eCommmerce, etc.) with an extensive product line.
  • Help Payors make better decisions
    • Our content search IDWs can help the Payors (insurance companies) mane necessary and better decisions in the Healthcare, Life Sciences and Pharma industries.
  • Business Benefits of Content-Search IDWs
  • Extracts information from multiple systems
  • Captures and delivers content across all channels
  • Accurate information at your fingertips 24/7/365
Why vReimagine’s CS – Intelligent Agent

Why invest in vReImagine’s Customer Service BOTs for Customer Retention and Business Growth

  • Compatibility
    • Our Content Search IDWs are compatible across all possible collaboration channels thus enabling your reach
  • Personalization
    • Our IDWs are customizable and can be personalized to design, develop and deploy per business needs.
  • Excellence
    • Our IDWs development approach has a faster and optimum approach to reap maximum business benefits