Sales & Marketing PTMs

Our PTM models understand and learns your digital sales and marketing collaterals updation process  in improving the collaboration effort between your sales and marketing teams. Our RPA tools help you measure the efficiency of the digital content being used through the reporting capabilities in our RPAs for sales enablement allowing your marketing teams to gain visibility to optimize content which helps in generating more ROI.

Schedule in-time Meetings

  • Our PTMs can help you automate the meeting schedules and save time.
  • Don’t Miss Opportunities While You’re on Vacation
  • Our PTMs can help you identify the meeting request for you to decide so that you don’t miss upon a prospect.

Keep Track of Expenses

  • Our PTMs can help you track your expenses in your sales and marketing effort and keep your expense record updated.

Intelligent Reports

You can ask our IDW  to send analytical reports with any specified parameters to gain deep and meaningful insights for decision-making.