The healthcare industry is evolving with increasing changes in large volumes of data and costs associated with patient outcomes.

Our RPA solutions enable the healthcare industry to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning in terms of patient care. Our IDWs are built using the RPA solutions considering several scenarios including claims, fraud detection, clinical workflows and predicting acquired infections empowering leading healthcare companies to deliver AI solutions that are changing the industry.

Implementing our RPA (robotic process automation) is the largest driver of automation in healthcare. There are several repetitive tasks in the healthcare industry including patient and physician scheduling, laboratory testing, patient health records, EMR (electronic medical records), remote test ordering and transcriptions, clinical decision–support systems, etc., are a just few where vReImagine has been helping our healthcare clients reap the benefits of automation through our IDWs.


Processing Cost Reductions

  • vReImagine has success stories of implementing RPA solutions in the hospital industry to control operational efficiencies for improving patients' experience by automating revenue cycle functions like claims and billing, which resulted in cutting down the cost to approximately $1 per claim.

Stronger Billing Cycle

  • With our RPA solutions, healthcare organizations can upgrade their administrative processes by automating their accounts payable and data digitization processes which can significantly economize labor and financial resources.

Reduce Human Labor Cost

  • With the automation in place by implementing vRI's IDWs, the human workforce in the Healthcare industry can put to more analytical roles for decision-making strategies to produce higher-value work, e.g., focusing more on patient attendance and clinical training.

Upscale Employee Satisfaction

  • A higher level of HCPs (healthcare professionals) work satisfaction is attained directly by automating the repetitive processes and engaging them to have direct patient interaction and bringing higher ROI for the company.

Critical Data Analysis

  • Our RPA solutions help in improving your clinical and financial outcomes.

Patient Appointment Optimization

  • Our RPA solutions have the capability to integrate various information to significantly increase the patient scheduling efficiencies by allowing competent factors ranging from patient appointment through medical history, payors and personal preferences.

Reduce Compliance Risk

  • With the automation of your mundane tasks, our RPA solutions ensure to eliminate the risk of human errors and stay audit-trail-ready and be compliant.

Superior Healthcare Quality

With the implementation of our RPA solutions which help in automating the processes which eliminate the human errors, empowers healthcare staff to focus more on patient-centric activities thereby improving the quality of healthcare services.