Our excellence in multiple enterprise-grade business process automation projects combined with unparalleled technical expertise, vReimagine (vRI) has built process-mining solutions based accelerators that are helping businesses achieve faster time-to-market, improved efficiencies, and enriched customer experience.

At vReImagine, our powerful and intelligent RPA solutions in the form of IDWs (Intelli-Digital-Workers) are infused with high-end AI development services that you can integrate seamlessly & accelerate your complex business-process efficiencies and boost efficiency and control costs by deploying virtual agents to perform routine and repetitive business tasks.

Our Accelerators

  • IDW-Centers: Helps in providing a solidified and unified business interoperability user experience to monitor and manage RPA-enabled operations including agnostics, real-time monitoring, Open API & database connectivity, unified dashboard view, and embedding process to evaluate performance.
  • IDW-Vaults: A centralized repository of sustainable IDW components that aid in accelerated advancements, standardization, reduced maintenance, and contextual interface.
  • IDW-Config: Our IDW Configuration helps the business operations team to respond quickly to dynamic business process requirements with less to no interference from the automation team providing business configuration and change process parameters with threshold limits and input sources.               

vReImagine provides the Integrated Robotic Process Automation platform which comes bundled with key essential technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing for the front office, middle office, back office, and IT operations automation.

vReImagine helps in reducing cost, improve response time, grow the business, and achieve compliance. Ready bots and development environments are available to build new bots.