Domain Expertise & Discovery Tools

Domain Expertise & Discovery Tools

Domain Expertise:

vReImagine has extensive experience in providing RPA (robotic process automation) solutions across eCommerce/retail, sales enablement, healthcare, and back-office processes.

Our approach in deploying our IDWs (intelligent digital workers) is to transform your business through robotics and realize the maximum benefits through our RPA strategy, assessment, and deployment.

We help you in transforming the core of your business impacting productivity, efficiency, and operational costs. vReImagine is helping businesses across industries by delivering innovative RPA solutions which can reduce time and save costs up to 80%. Our IDWs have delivered enhanced customer satisfaction significantly. From customized process level solutions to cognitive enabled intelligent systems, vReImagine can integrate RPA with transformational technologies to create IDWs (intelligent digital workers).

  • Dedicated RPA team with deep domain expertise.
  • Business-process aligned PoCs for deploying IDWs to automate core business processes.
  • Defining and designing RPA deployment strategy according to the client's business needs.
  • Cohesive strategic partnerships with industry-leading RPA product vendors.
  • Deliverance capability in implementing and scaling RPA initiatives.
  • Cognitive technologies as the base for RPA solution delivery.