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Automating your eCommerce business is the key to streamline the repetitive or mundane parts of your business that consume too much of process and workforce time. A significant number of eCommerce tasks which can be repetitive on a daily course be reviewed and automated quite successfully with vReImagine's eCommerce automation solutions to save time and money and increase sales. Since the retail businesses seem to have repetitive operational processes, managing all these functions automatically can make things run much more smoothly and improve the quality of the service & sales you provide.

vReImagine provides eCommerce Automation solutions to host of a variety of process automation - from tagging customers for segmentation and marketing, standardizing visual merchandising, to streamline tracking and reporting, and halting high-risk orders. The ultimate goal of automating each workflow is to simplify tasks with optimum efficiencies

vReImagine can help automate your eCommerce system to simplify different aspects of your business operations such as:

1) Order Refunds and Replacements Automation

Returns of goods and services seem to be an inevitable part of any online business. How you manage them brings out the difference. Order Refund Automation can help your customers handle returns easily. Automate your store to identify what returns are eligible for replacements or refunds and process them automatically.

2) Order Fulfillment Automation

Order fulfillment is an essential part of the eCommerce business process when an order has to be picked and delivered in time to the correct address. Using vReimagine's eCommerce automation solutions, automation of the order fulfillment process can save a lot of time, money, and effort. One can easily scan and print shipping labels, send tracking information, and streamline returns.

3) Invoice Automation

vReimagine's invoice automation solutions help in eliminating paper-based invoicing and achieve real-time visibility and productivity for record-keeping. It’s a very efficient way to keep track of your finances and increase cash recoveries and reduce the cost of collection.

4) Inventory Management Automation

Managing inventory can be tricky, especially if your stock is stored in different places. vReImagine can help integration with your inventory management tools such as CRM and POS, to automate the process in real-time.

5) Customer Reviews Automation

Direct customer reviews are considered to be a very efficient marketing tool for eCommerce business as they influence more power to convince than the average marketing campaign. vReImagine can help automate the review process by setting up automatic email-request for reviews as part of the post-purchase process and integrating these into your product pages.

6) Customer Service Automation

vReImagine's AI and ML solutions can help automate your business' interactions with your customers seamlessly thereby managing your customer service easier and servicing them with the best customer experience.

7) Customer Loyalty Automation

vReimagine's eCommerce automation solutions help in automating customer loyalty programs by tagging high-value customers for segmentation and notifying customers with a personalized thank you message or applying special discounts or specialized shipping rules.

8) eCommerce Technology Integration Automation

vReimagine helps in continuously integrating your eCommerce platform with any development advancements that your technological team might be making to keep your eCommerce Platform stable with minimum downtime.


Why vReImagine's eCommerce Automation Solutions

  • Saves a lot of time & effort in operational processes
  • Reduce order/ cart abonnement ( by identifying visitors leaving the store without adding anything to the cart and then automatically send alerts via push notifications to encourage conversions)
  • Makes your business processes faster and easier
  • Inventory management made easy by linking your ERP and POS systems
  • Offer better customer experience with multiple order fulfillment, drop-shipping, easy returns, and improved customer experience
  • Reduce business costs as you’ll need fewer employees and less training
  • Focus on more important aspects of your business operations that involve decision-making and strategy
  • Increase sales & make marketing easier with automated emails and scheduled social media