Analytics & Insights

Our AI analytics & insights solutions integrate and analyze all customer interactions and apply machine learning technology to define customer intent to continuously improve interactions and drive intelligent business decisions.

Voice of the Customer

  • Are you really listening to your customers?
  • Are you fully leveraging that customer data to improve experiences and drive business value?
    • We help you analyze customer experiences for deeper insights
    • Through automated machine learning, discover the trends, themes, interaction topics and root cause of customer issues
    • Apply this rich insight to make improvements and create valuable business outcomes
    • Improve customer experience
    • Continually optimize product development, and uncover new areas to automate
    • Deliver superior self-serve experiences that eliminate common friction points.

Growth Analytics

  • Our growth analytics team integrates data from a variety of sources, rapidly visualizing the information for key insights and predicting
  • Calculate customer lifetime value, predict future behavior, identify customers likely to churn
  • Monitor business performance metrics and enhance both the customer and employee experiences.

Speech Analytics

  • Automate your ability to listen to and analyze daily interactions and pain points
  • Help your organization foster growth, enhance customer journeys
  • Gain actionable insights on how to reduce repeat calls, reduce call volume, provide information on customer satisfaction
  • Provide data-rich insights to increase KPI conversion and provide targeted coaching to improve associate performance

Customer Insights

  • Provide a deep dive across all customer touchpoints, giving insights into customer emotions, behaviors and key moments of truth.
  • Help streamline the customer experience by identifying pain points customers have in achieving their goals
  • Aid in blending historical and real-time data to provide customer insights to make interactions more efficient

Employee Insights

  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement within your people to get the most potential from your current teams and investments
  • Examine the hiring, training, and overall performance of employees to inspire the best performance from workforce

Operational Insights

  • Effective operations drive improved customer experience
  • Provide complete visibility over all operations and be continuously optimizing systems and processes
  • Apply advanced contact center analytics in real-time to drive efficiencies across your entire organization to address constantly evolving business needs

Human Interaction Insights Platform

  • Integrate customer data to unlock actionable insights
  • 360° view of your customers to deliver personalized experiences at scale
  • Provide out-of-the-box convenience with omnichannel optimization
  • Ability to connect all data sources into one single view of the customer
  • Advanced data visualization tools and real-time monitoring