BO Productivity

BO Productivity


vReImagine's RPA solutions across the back-office operations in an organization can considerably reduce timelines to automate your repetitive back-office activities and processes.

Backoffice productivity is key for sustainable growth to boost the competitive position in the market. Whether you’re a decision-maker or part of the sales and marketing team, customer service, or IT infrastructure; our RPA solutions can help you increase your productivity by automating your processes in ways that will make you re-imagine your business objectives.

Our RPA solutions can process both high and low complexity based structured data and automate repetitive tasks such as data entry, reporting, inventory management, and documentation. Our RPA solution offers a 360-Degree customer-centric view and empowers you to build strong customer holding resulting in reduced call handling and operational costs, simplified tasks, rapid innovation and reduced turnaround times.


Uninterrupted Resource Pool

  • Our RPA IDWs are capable of processing 24/7 tirelessly with the same level of accuracy and consistency.

Increases Productive Workforce

  • Quite often, production comes to a halt when interrupted by staff under-performing on repetitive tasks.
  • Our RPA IDWs empowers them to be productive by strategically automating your business processes allowing you to get more value.

Faster Service

  • Our RPA solutions streamline your business processes and ensure that your customer support team effortlessly manages the queries with accuracy and agility.

Eliminates the Time on Unqualified Leads

  • Our RPA solutions automate the process of nurturing leads allowing you to segment qualified leads appropriately and throughput.


  • Our RPA ensures to perform reconciliation between multiple systems accurately by processing voluminous data from various sources and increases productivity.


  • Our IDWs (intelligent digital workers) coupled with RPA allows your team to work on more focused and creative tasks while it processes simple tasks through automation. IDWs can be segmented across various processes to streamline the business objectives and boos productivity.

Prevents Costly Errors

  • Optimum accuracy with negligible human errors maximizes your organization's revenue when you implement our RPA IDW which ensures to enhance accuracy.