About VRI

About VRI

vRreimagine offers unified RPA solutions which combine innovative RPA technology, AI, and a true business user experience to transform our customers' business process automation with agility and efficiencies.

vReimagine's mission is to empower employees and enterprises to optimize their business operational processes and increase productivity and profitability through automation with best-in-class robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Why vREimagine

Driven by AI: Help in automating more than just mundane tasks with vReimagine’s AI capabilities and handle unstructured data and provide prediction capabilities for customer support, sales, risk and compliance in conjunction with machine learning (ML) & natural language processing (NLP).

Integration Beyond RPA: Providing an enterprise-wide automation platform with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), IT Process Automation (ITPA), ETL, iPaaS, AI as core capabilities.

RPAs with Agility: Providing the fastest data processing RPA platform with the speed of 1000 times faster to significantly help reduce turnaround time.

Multi-Tasking Virtual Agents: Automate multiple processes using single IDW (Intelligent Digital Workers) or Virtual Agents with increased speed and bring down total cost of ownership.

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