IO (Intelligent Operations) - Hybrid

IO (Intelligent Operations) - Hybrid

Any business process integrating artificial intelligence generates an inevitable error rate and presumed as a normal operational mode. Only Humans can collaborate with these AI Agents to provide a suited response to these exceptions. vReimagine's IO Team works alongside with Intelligent Agents or Workers to escalate and manage such exceptions resulting out from automation processes.

vReimagine offers automation exception solutions based on mathematical data science methods such as statistical analysis and classification, machine-based learning as well as deep learning methods with neural networks.

vReimagine's IO Team is trained to analyze large amounts of multidimensional, non-normalized and anonymized customer data sets delivering value add to provide business decisions, find research-based evidence on exceptions for hypothesis and help automate process activities.

IO-Hybris engagement model ensures the collaboration between AI solutions & IO Team to work cohesively to manage the exception.

IO Team is engaged to review the exceptions and research on them to understand the process.