Strategy & Advisory Services

Our RPAs ensure to automate your experiences by understanding the 'why' and 'how' of your business operational processes.

Our RPA strategy & advisory services help in assessing organizational readiness for adopting the design and deployment of our IDWs (intelligent digital workers) for automation solutions delivering value to the business, employees and the customer.

CX Journey Mapping

  • Have you walked in your customers’ shoes?
  • Do you understand their journey?
  • Help you streamline the customer experience by identifying pain points customers have in achieving their goals.
  • Aid in blending historical and real-time data to provide customer insights to make interactions more efficient

Customer Experience – Maturity Assessment & Audit

  • How does your experience stack-up to your customer expectations?
  • Deep-dive into the holistic experience being offered
  • Measure how effective each component is
  • Help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current CX, and ways to improve upon it

Digital Strategy & Enablement

  • How digital are you?
  • How digital do you need to be?
  • Provide consistent customer support across multiple channels
  • Provide an in-depth assessment of your current-state digital capabilities and prioritized digital roadmap for enhancements

Experience Design

  • To improve customer loyalty is to document your aspirations
  • Help you storyboard the end-to-end ideal customer experience
  • Help you conceptualize and implement a customer experience management approach
  • Ensure to provide extraordinary customer service and customer support across all contact channels

Target Operating Model

  • CX transformation impacts numerous operational processes and optimizing those is a key driver of success
  • Validates and calibrates the end-to-end services in both the front and back office
  • Enable and sustain the new customer experience design at scale

Value Mapping & ROI

  • Maintain momentum, and drive adoption, to quantify proof points of value
  • Build a business case that uses Lean principles to identify and ‘size’ critical drivers of value
  • Help you define and implement the business strategy that will best impact effectiveness and engagement

Customer Experience Transformation Roadmap

  • Provide a unique CX strategy and vision for the brand with a prioritized, capability-specific path forward

Align to the agreed-upon timeline and implementation methodology