eComm. PTMs

eCommerce industry is going through a major transformation and is steadily becoming more efficient and customer centric than ever before. Our RPA and ML based pre-trained models bring the the beneffits to both retailers and customers in the ecommerce domain as many mundane and critical tasks are automated to reap the benefits. By deploying our PTMs, the e-commerce retailers leverage cognitive automation to manage their business in a more efficient and organized manner.

Merchandising Inventory Updates

  • Automating merchandisers’ product portfolio
  • Reading the product catalogue images
  • Detecting multiple image features
  • Capturing product category, gender, color, pattern
  • Learning image detection model with CV (Computer Vision)

Content Curation

  • Curating brands and marketplace
  • Source data from multiple locations and aggregation
  • Stacking product details and manufacturers information
  • Ensure Time-to-Market cycles

Returns Processing

  • Capturing product returns to the various retail processes
  • Sending a message confirming receipt of the return
  • Updating the inventory system
  • Making the payment adjustment to the customer
  • Updates to the internal billing system

Customer Service

  • Capturing customer details, sorting & connecting
  • Fulfill customer requests instantly with bots
  • Filter junk requests
  • Capture escalation points

Supply Chain

  • Inventory management to shipping and order monitoring
  • Send notifications on the order status
  • Tasks that are involved in product shipping
  • Capture historical data and sketching out patterns in inventory demand
  • Reordering products that go below a certain threshold level