Supply Chain – Intelligent Agent

Develop a supply chain Intelligent Agent to gain more visibility into your business

Our supply chain bot development services can help you manage and optimize your SCM and logistics

About SC – Intelligent Agent

Why Enterprises need vReImagine’s AI Enabled Supply Chain Intelligent Agent?

Enterprises that have a complex supply chain operation can now use vReImagine’s artificial intelligence infused Intelligent Agent to give their employees, not just more visibility into the operations, but also help them to carry out work more efficiently. Also, our intelligent bot solution helps to monitor supply chain performance, simplify day-to-day operations, identify customer behavior/trends, and communicate with internal as well as external parties.

vReImagine can help you with the improved inventory, shipping accuracy and real-time updates to help your employees and customers. We understand that supply chain management always needs to be accurate with the status of the inventory and shipment.

  • Creation of Efficient Purchase Process
    • Manage production line by taking care of inventory control, purchase orders and workers’ schedules.
  • Inventory Management in Real-time
    • Easily track the stock movement and get information on stock flow to maintain good inventory and reduce operating costs.
  • Simplified Tracking
    • Help organizations manage their transportation and logistics need and offer a clear supply chain visibility.
  • Instant Customer Response
  • Our Intelligent Agent can help provide efficient customer service and quality assurance and maintain standards.

Business Benefits of Supply-Chain Intelligent Agent

  • Improved customer service
  • Easier inventory tracking
  • Real-time status updates
  • Secure shipping process
  • Meaningful information in one step
  • Faster purchasing process
Why vReimagine’s SC – Intelligent Agent

Why invest in vReImagine’s Customer Service Intelligent Agent for Supply Chain Growth

  • Compatibility
    • Our Supply Chain Intelligent Agent are compatible across all possible collaboration channels thus enabling your reach.
  • Personalization
    • Our Intelligent Agent are customizable and can be personalized to design, develop and deploy per business needs.
  • Excellence
    • Our Intelligent Agent development approach has a faster and optimum approach to reap maximum business benefits.