Our Expertise in RPA/RPA+

Our Expertise in RPA/RPA+

AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning technologies have made the elimination of the mundane tasks possible.

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions offering is quick to implement IDW (intelligent digital workers) that streamlines processes and automates high-volume administrative tasks which help in accelerating productivity and an increase in business performance. Our RPA solutions improve customer experience and are flexible and scalable to automate processes.

Our strong industry expertise coupled with experience in AI and ML creates incredible RPA solutions for adoption in terms of:

  • Initiate conversations with stakeholders to analyze the possibility of implementing RPA.
  • Performing an assessment on the RPA POC/project requirements
  • Identify and define business goals and objectives.
  • Identifying, building, implementing, and scaling up required RPA.
  • Initiate the execution of RPA PoC with a clear ROI.
  • Perform validation to identify opportunities for optimization.

Over the years, vReimagine has provided RPA solutions by developing business-critical IDWs (intelligent digital workers) to automate mundane and repetitive tasks in various departments such as HR, finance, IT infrastructure, analytical reports for stakeholders' decision making.

  • 16000+ hours saved in terms of human effort
  • 20%+ increase in efficiency
  • 22%+ increase in productivity
  • 30% reduction in TCO
  • Increased employee satisfaction