Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

vReImagine empowers your IDW to be scalable and responsive for increased efficiencies and RoI

RPA/iRPA Solutions

vReImagine enables enterprises to increasingly adapt to new age IoT, cognitive and robotic automation technologies to overcome business challenges revolving around TCO (total cost of ownership), to increase workforce capabilities and efficiencies, and reducing human error. Our RPA solutions bring the speed of digital-automation to reduce the high cost associated with SOP execution.

Our RPA solution brings a revolution in your workforce management with the evolution of IDWs (intelligent digital workers) which replicate the repetitive manual work done by humans ranging from existing systems configuration to capturing and interpreting processes, manipulating data, and creating communication channels.

Once our RPA software is programmed to understand your specified processes, it can automatically process and manipulate granular data and trigger responses to communicate with other systems. Reconfiguring rule-based processes can also be easy as RPA does not require critical coding skills to modify the pre-coded IDWs.

  • Lower Operational Cost
    • Our RPA solutions can significantly reduce your operational and support costs and deliver greater efficiency. Enabling to execute tasks round-the-clock, you get optimum results for a one-time investment.
  • Analytical Capabilities
    • Our RPA solutions provide analytical deep and meaningful insights to fuel your decision making to identify gaps and improve processes.
  • Regulatory Adherence
    • With global deployment, it is essential for our RPA solutions to be compliant with industry and regional regulatory authorities for global deployment which will help in tracking every operational aspect along with thorough documentation. This would result in organizations being more compliant with industry and regional regulations.
  • Availability and Accuracy
    • Our RPA solutions enable the automation of processes functioning 24×7 without getting tired. Along with high availability, they are highly accurate and also ensures zero errors and 100% efficiency.
  • Employee Empowerment
    • While our RPA solutions through IDWs take care of repetitive and mundane tasks, your organization can leverage your employees with more complicated and analytical roles and indulged in escalations and decision-making processes.
  • Customer Delight
    • With our RPA working round the clock, your organization's experience will be taken to a whole new level with error-free processes in place and making more time in building operational relationships and efficiencies.
Value Add

Shift from human-effort to value-added tasks enabling the involvement of more intuitive interactions with absolute interpretation resulting in improved job satisfaction

Innovation enablement with rapid automation of processes and integration of digital technologies and Backoffice systems.

Operational agility with scalable IDWs (intelligent digital workers) that can be trained and adapt to evolving changes in the operational processes.

Improved compliance with improved control on set rules which can be tracked and monitored for audit trails.

Improved customer experiences as the services are delivered faster with 24/7 availability.

Decision-making insights which help in predicting future impact and optimizing operational processes for better ROI.

Easy integration of our RPAs/iRPA as it compliments your existing systems as opposed to replacing them by accessing data from disparate sources without having the need for API coding.

  • Opportunity Assessments
    • Stakeholder interactions to gain insights for analysis.
    • Identifying processes which would need RPA implementation.
    • Create the maturity model for RPA and cataloging them.
    • Build a standardized view of the identified operational processes.
    • Finalize identified operational processes for automation.
  • Deploy the Solution
    • Define and design RPAs for the processes identified.
    • Configure and build RPA-IDWs
    • Thorough validation of the built RPA solution.
    • Launch ready for production deployment.
  • Maintenance and Support
    • With the induction of predictive analytics, identify key metrics
    • Identify the gaps and optimize the IDWs for building process efficiencies.