Engagement Model

Engagement Model

vReimagine follows a simple ‘Engagement Model’ to define your RPA implementation strategy.

Free Evaluation

  • Assess the priority workflow process & analyze your business cases with our RPA
  • Thorough research, workshops and discovery sessions
  • Make aware across your organization to ideate and realize Digital Workforce solution
  • Impact Analysis on employees and partners


  • We re-imagine your learning pathways
  • Gain alignment with your Stakeholders and Operational team.
  • Envision strategic use case and roadmaps to leverage RPA
  • Onboard your organization to accelerate your AI Journey

Quick Implementation

  • Leverage IDW (intelligent digital workforce) across multiple identified processes
  • Determine the areas of implementation of AI into your strategic business processes.
  • Overcome any confronted adoption barriers to drive the most value


  • Operationalize sustainable AI
  • Implement definitive and extensible operational model
  • Implement data foundations with analytical insights
  • State of the art RPA platforms in play

Insights Driven by Data

  • Reliable and scalable model enablers.
  • Evaluate and improvise IDW for efficiency
  • Derive real-time insight and impact on your Organization

Process Improvement

  • Streamline your productivity across your operational process with our RPA services
  • Get 24/7 support for RPA deployment services
  • Maximize benefits from all RPA implementations
  • Scale it up for your enterprise-grade implementations