PTMS & Machine Learning

PTMS & Machine Learning

Pre-Trained Models (PTMs) and Machine Learning

vReImagine brings the fusion of ML (machine learning) and RPA (robotic process automation) to streamline rules-based business processes and complex algorithms with the capability to automate decision making. Our PTMs (pre-trained models) have the capability to understand your predefined business processes and helps in creating opportunities to maximize business value by harnessing the virtual workforce and other organizational resources to best effect in maintaining control over future costs and with stronger risk mitigation strategies.

Our RPA based PTMs use a lot of machine learning and deep learning algorithms to enable features (like image recognition) for identifying screen objects, form fields or buttons and optical character recognition (OCR), to read text from the screen. Ou PTMs are inserted into an RPA workflow, enabling to make decisions based on the data that is fed into the model.

Healthcare PTMs

With the implementation of vReImagine's RPA solutions in the healthcare industry, our RPA models are trained to understand and learn the processes to automate various complex tasks for medical professionals and administrators in hospitals and clinics. With the help of vRI's RPA solutions, healthcare institutions can improve their efficiency and offer better medical care for their patients.

Patient Appointment Schedule

  • Medical History
  • Diagnosis Data
  • Patient Demographic Data
  • Doctor Availability

Account Settlements

  • Diagnosis Cost
  • Medicinal Cost
  • Ward Room Cost
  • Food Expenses
  • Doctor Fees
  • Reconciliation

Claims Management (EoBs)

  • Claims data processing
  • Capturing Dependents' details
  • Details of the administered care
  • Details of service or equipment received during treatment
  • Cost of the service or equipment
  • Settlement of Benefits and Claims

Implementing Discharge Instructions

  • Accuracy of discharge guidelines
  • Patient prescription pick-ups
  • Upcoming doctor's appointment
  • Medical tests records

Audit Procedures

  • Record medical data
  • Record claims data
  • Derive analytical reports

Healthcare Cycles

  • Streamline workflows
  • Manage and coordinate healthcare utilization
  • Track diagnosis data and tailored treatment