Knowledge Management

Our knowledge management solutions provide the best-in-class RPA technology to optimize automation of your processes.

Our RPAs are capable of managing knowledge as the source of truth to engage your customers with relevant converstions. Our RPA solutions help you spearhead knowledge management more efficiently with a blend of innovative technology, automated processes, and collaborative practices.

Simplify Knowledge Discovery

  • Provide employees with the tools they need to engage in four key knowledge management practices: capturing, sharing, discovering, and maintaining knowledge.
  • Enables employees search the knowledge base using natural language making inferences and delivering results based on search terms, synonyms, and implied contexts
  • Monitor both the terms that are used and user behaviors over time to predict what employees are looking for
  • Machine learning algorithms look at what employees search for, then they predict what information they’re looking for based on what information satisfied other employees
  • Deliver intuitive search capabilities to your knowledge base, making it easier than ever for employees to discover the knowledge they need and helping them rediscover the value of your knowledge management program

Connects Data from Disparate Sources

  • Our AI-powered tools help you connect and combine knowledge across multiple systems, giving all employees access to knowledge regardless of where it lives
  • Consolidates fragmented knowledge, making all documented knowledge accessible to everyone in your company from a central source
  • An extremely powerful tool that solves some of the biggest knowledge discovery problems businesses have faced in the past

Knowledge-base Up-to-date

  • All knowledge is available on-demand across the entire organization for easier and faster knowledge-share.
  • Everyone in an organization can access and contribute to a comprehensive internal knowledge base with more accuracy and consistency.
  • Employees time when searching for answers to their questions and the number of interruptions and distractions decreases with more answers in less time.
  • New employees can find answers to their on-boarding questions faster and more effectively.
  • Retain knowledge from employees before they move on to another position or organization.